Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm

Original Acrylic Painting (SOLD)
Size: 30cm (12in) x 90cm (35in)

Fruit of the Spirit – SOLD

Full Moon Blossoms

Full Moon Blossoms

Details:Original Acrylic Painting ($150) or Canvas Print ($60)
Size: 30cm (12in) x 60cm (24in)
Within Australia: $20
International: Postage fee applied, contact me for details.

Breaking in the flow

Breaking in the flow

Original hand made acrylic painting ($150)
Size: 50cm (20in) x 60cm (24in)
Within Australia: $20
International: Cantact for details.


Johan and Devin – Cave and Beach

I did this painting as a Christmas gift to my girlfriend, Devin Berglund, in 2010.
The story behind this painting is that the two people (Devin and I) are on a journey together. They came out of the darkness in the cave (their pasts) and started walking together towards the future even though they can’t see what lies around the next bend.


Red Moon on a Lake of Dancing Dead Trees

The scene in this painting was taken from a portion of a poem I wrote.
I set out to create an unnatural eerie mood with the red moon, the calm water, the dead trees and the fog around the edges.

Both this painting and the poem it’s based on served as inspiration for the book I am currently writing.


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