10 comments on “A Day In The Life of the Writer Devin Berglund

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    • Thanks Anushka! Yes, I sometimes make lists to reach the sky, but then remember I only have 24 hrs to accomplish so much. lol… so, I found out small lists are better. You actually finish more! 😛 haha! Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

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  3. Great post Dev! I’m a tea person also! Johan sounds like such a great guy. I hope you’re able to make Christmas together. I’ll see you on MY blog tomorrow!

    • So happy you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your lovely words and kind wishes!

      Ahhh… yay, glad you are a tea person too. Have you ever been invited over to a person’s house to be asked, “Would you like creamer or sugar in your coffee?” haha… and inside my mind I am thinking… do you have tea? lol…

      Thank you for joining in on the fun and I look forward to visiting your blog tomorrow!

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